Wheels of Time N Scale PC&F Double Plug-Door Boxcar Wisconsin Central #12027

Wheels of Time

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Wheels of Time
PC&F 50' 70-Ton RBL Insulated Double Plug-Door Boxcar w/6'+8' YSD Door - RTR

Wisconsin Central #12027 (maroon, yellow)
Walthers Part # 805-61039
N scale 
The Pacific Car & Foundry PC&F 50' 70-Ton Insulated Boxcar could be seen in service across the continent beginning in the mid-1960s. Many still serve today for their second or third owners 
These highly detailed models feature appropriate lower side sill, single- or double-door configuration and cushion underframe details per prototype, metal wheels and magnetic knuckle couplers. These long-lived cars wear popular paint schemes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review